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Who We Are

Enriching You Through A Tour Experience in Sri Lanka

Who We Are

Pearl Lanka is synonymous with the age-old description of Sri Lanka as the Pearl of the Orient. Our Passion is organising unique activity filled tours of Sri Lanka, a land that springs pleasant surprises. Having always been at the crossroads of East-West maritime trade, Sri Lanka has been a land of hospitality that welcomed wayfarers from all cultures. Pearl Lanka builds upon this long tradition of travel and tourism. We offer assurance of service as well as tailor made tours. We take care of all travel arrangements including air-tickets, visas and transport and offer the best rates since we are travel agents licenced by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority.

Our Vision

We recognise that exploring an exotic and unique age-old land like Lanka can be an enriching experience and strive to provide this opportunity to those across the globe.

Indeed, Sri Lanka is one of the most exotic destinations one can find and still affordable. It is a land that keeps on springing surprises at visitors from time immemorial. Whether it was the monk Faxian or Fa-Hien from China in the 5th Century, the explorer Ibn Batuta from North Africa in the 14th Century or the science fiction writer Arthur C Clarke from England in the 20th Century, the country left a lasting impression in their respective journeys to become world-renowned personalities.

With its 2,500 year-old documented history and immense biodiversity, this island of only 66,000 sq. Km with over 20 million inhabitants keeps itself rediscovering perpetually. Being part of this rediscovery can be a rejuvenating experience and an adventure.

O Resplendent Isle, a pearl in an emerald sea
Your golden sands and palm fringed shores form a lea,
Cradled by coral reefs like an encircling charm
With fragrant breezes wafted from a distant calm.

The jungle-clad peaks swathed in fleecy cloud
Your glory that was, now history richly endowed,
Cocooning the timeless land in mists that shroud the past
Achievements of your golden years will eternally last.

The happy gentle nature of your smiling people
Living in mutual accord with temple, mosque and steeple,
Finds a place in the hearts of visitors to your land
Making those that leave, return from their foreign strand.
If you sow harmony then so shall you reap

For peace is too precious to cast upon the heap,
May destiny guide Serendip through life’s race
And let no man ever mar her tranquil face.

-From "Poems Through the Years" by Trevor LaBrooy

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